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Therapeutic Products 


Royal Perfectiontm  Power Rub Plus was formulated for chronic pain and arthritis.  Royal Perfectiontm Power Rub Plus has a gentle heating action with a unique blend of Emu Oil, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Willow Bark.  Power Rub Plus is to be used before any physical activity to help warm up and energize the muscles and joints.  Whether you’re working in the garden or competing in sporting activities, Power Rub Plus should be part of your daily routine.

Royal Perfectiont Power Rub Plus 6 oz. Tube

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Two Bullstm  Pro Sports Rub was formulated to help prevent stiffness and swelling in muscles and joints caused by muscle strains, over-exertion or arthritis.  Two Bullstm  works in a progressive format.  As your body heats up, so does Two Bullstm.  Two Bulltm consists of 3 primary ingredients:  Emu Oil, MSM and Glucosamine.  All natural Emu Oil has become an accepted alternative treatment to help relieve pain caused by arthritis or sore muscles.  Emu Oil soothes sore muscles at a much faster rate and acts as the carrier for the MSM and Glucosamine to help alleviate pain.

Two Bullstm Sports Rub (Hot Rub)
4 oz.

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