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Common Questions:

Q. Are Emus mean?
A.  No, in fact they are very docile; sometimes standoffish.  A couple of our breeder pair enjoy having their pictures taken and having visitors feed them.
Q. Are the eggs really green?
A. Yes, their greenish color ranges from dark green or almost black to a light green or pea greenish in color.
Q. Can you ride Emus like they do Ostriches?
A. No.
Q. Where does the oil come from?
A. The Emu grows a block of fat on their tailbone between the meat and the hide that is filled with nutrients that they live off of during breeding and laying season when they cut back on their feeding.  When our birds are processed this block of fat is removed  and is subjected to a specific temperature.  The liquid that separates from the fat is the oil which then flows through a variety of filters to remove all the impurities.